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Mitch_gallery show


The client requested a photo-manipulation to see what the mantel would look like with a dark paint or black bricks and also put a on dark wooden top. The photo on the left, with white paint is the real mantel. It also has a faux wooden top photoshopped to show what it would look like with wood, and not a painted top.

MEXICO images – 2004

Mexico, photos, retouching

I’ve never really posted any of my Mexico photos from La Penita de Jaltemba online before. I had a chance to visit Thomas Bartlett’s hacienda there years ago and snapped many photos. The pics I’ve posted on other sites have been photoshopped into panoramics (by hand) or made into art pieces with vector and text. . . . Thomas Bartlett Design, in Napa has spent more than 40 years practicing the art and science of Interior Design.
As a professional Interior Designer, he’s created spaces from modest to luxurious, residential to commercial. As a native and resident of California’s Napa Valley, a number of his clients have been from his region, but he has also serviced clients located all over the United States.



interior photography2



Opus 53

Chopin, retouching


I am restoring and retouching Chopin’s Polonaise in A-flat mojor, Opus 53
written by Frédéric Chopin in 1842


Using high resolution images of the entire original work, remove non-relevant artifacts to reveal a clearer view of Chopin’s original artistic intent. Graduated cleanups will be performed with a permanent record of each evolution. The final result will be converted to Scalable Vector Graphics format preserving the score’s details at any scale. All images will be in the public domain.


Starting with the first published edition editors have made adjustments to the score. This is evidenced at points throughout the first publishing and demonstrated in the first notes of the piece – the staccato notation is missing and within the first bar the pedal mark does not conform to the original. Students and scholars of the piece will have a clearer understanding as to how Chopin himself may have intended the polonaise to be performed.


The Opus 53 Project is being undertaken in San Francisco by digital restoration artist Rick Pirman under the auspices and review of Antony Tyshuk.

Page 1 is complete and we are waiting for the rest of the pages. More soon to keep you abreast of the project.